9 tips for applying to PwC Canada

Hello! I’m Mehek and I’m part of the Campus Talent Acquisition team at PwC. I recruit for our CPA roles for our Atlantic and National Capital Region offices. Since we have campus opportunities open in some of our markets, I wanted to share our top tips for applying to PwC Canada with you!

Tip 1 — Prepare

Prepare for the on-demand video interview like you would for any other interview. Think about what we might ask you and why you want to work at PwC. Research the area of business you’re applying to and understand our purpose and values and how these align with your own.

Tip 2 — Familiarize yourself with the PwC Professional framework

Get to know the five dimensions of the PwC Professional framework and be ready to share your experiences with us so we can understand how you demonstrate these dimensions. Don’t over-engineer answers here. Instead, think about what we look for and the experiences you’ve had at school and any jobs you’ve had, that you could use.

Tip 3 — Practice

Try recording yourself answering some questions. If you feel nervous, ask friends or family for feedback and suggestions. Research behavioural and situational interviewing techniques (e.g. the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method).

Tip 4 — Plan and Set Up

At PwC we work flexibly, so you can undertake your on-demand video interview and games from anywhere that’s comfortable and convenient for you; plus, you can use a variety of devices. Ensure your audio and video are set up, you have a good internet connection and your battery is charged. Check your lighting and background — place a source of light in front of you, and avoid having sources of bright light behind you.

Tip 5 — Stay Focused

Avoid distractions. For example, turn off your mobile phone if it’s not the device you choose for recording your on-demand video interview and games. If you use your mobile phone, consider turning off all notifications.

Tip 6 — Reflect on Each Question

Once a question’s been asked, you have 30 seconds to think about your answer before the recording starts. Take the time to reflect on each question before you begin answering.

Tip 7 — Be Yourself

The on-demand video interview is a unique opportunity for you to bring your application to life and showcase your skills and capabilities. Be yourself, act natural and smile! :)

Tip 8 — Dress Appropriately

At PwC, we want our people to feel empowered and dress like themselves; this is why we have a flexible dress code called “dress for your day.” Dress in a way that you feel best represents yourself. If in doubt, have a look at our people on our

Careers website.

Tip 9 — We want you to succeed!

We’re looking forward to receiving your application. Remember, do your research, practice and plan in advance. Avoid leaving it to the last minute and keep distractions to a minimum. Familiarize yourself with PwC and think about what your goals are and why you want to work here.

For further information on how to apply, please visit our website where you’ll find videos on the application process and additional hints and tips.

All the best with your application!


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