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Inside Secrets For Resume Screen

Resume reviews happen in as little as six seconds.

That’s six seconds to put your best foot forward, presenting a lifetime of professional skills, successes, stories and style onto a single page. At the most, you might nab a minute of their attention. In the consulting-management world, only 3 percent of applicants get accepted into the top 10 consulting firms. This drastically increases the importance of tailoring a knockout resume for consulting companies. This is where doing a proper resume review comes in. It is the make-or-break element that gets your foot in the door to launch a distinguished management-consulting career!

Resume Review: Focusing On The Right Things

The very intensity of crafting the perfect consultant resume causes so much chaos. The more prospective individuals aim to adopt industry resume best practices, the more apt they become to dig holes for themselves. They focus too much on the flair, the styles, and unique details that might get them to jump off the page.

Resume tips for consultants often focus on this sort of sparkling self-presentation. However, how your consultant cover letter and resume should look to go to the “good” pile — and not get instantly thrown out — can be both subjective and distinctive. Elements on a Deloitte consulting resume differing from a prime consulting resume for McKinsey, and so on.

We’re cutting through the fluff and pomp to provide actionable consultant resume tips you can adopt today. From listing the right resume categories, presenting specific information, aligning your skills with style, using appropriate formatting, to what you should leave off the page. We’re walking through the most successful resume strategies for consulting companies, and how to do resume review correctly.

Resumes for Consulting: What Are Consulting Firms Really Looking For?

It’s the question that’s kept many eager applicants up at night: What do top consulting firms really care about when they look to fill open positions — and how can I exceed that?

Many management consultants’ key resume-builders aren’t revolutionary. You’re likely to find things like professional experience and education topping most resume lists, particularly if you’re a graduate student or just entering the field.

The consulting world is notoriously competitive. Its resumes, therefore, sport a few critical details, distinctions and industry-specific notes that help firms identify only the most promising candidates.

1. Results-Focused Employment History

Given the nature of consulting work, it’s no surprise resumes for consultants need to cut to the chase and prove results.

Tangible professional accomplishments are the name of the game here. First and foremost, your resume won’t go anywhere if you give broad descriptions of roles and responsibilities at past jobs — even if those roles show eloquent and impressive snippets of work history with highly reputable companies, clients or accounts. Of course, those names help, but if you don’t show an impact, someone else surely will.

Everything you write under your employment history section must be outcomes based. Don’t tell the recruiter what you did daily. Tell them a pain point you solved, the money you saved, costs you trimmed or processes you streamlined. The key here is to show quantitative impact, you have to use numbers to give content and credibility.

You want outcomes, not tasks. Quantitative statements, not qualitative ones. Show results, not day-to-day responsibilities. Quantitative results prove the depth and breadth of your professional capabilities and are a hiring team’s best glimpse into what you bring to the table.

2. Top-Tier Education

Reputation matters. Just as the top 10 consulting firms carry weight in the field with their names alone, so too, do higher-ed institutions and their programs.

While it can be a frustrating and even elitist practice, it has its professional logic. A Fortune 500 company paying hundreds of thousands to a firm for a mergers and acquisitions strategy is going to feel more comfortable doing so if that team of consultants comes from the best. It’s likely they went to these top schools themselves.

The best ways to prove your interpersonal skills on paper are to highlight past people-centered activities. Include team management or collaborative experiences, leadership roles, conflict-resolution successes, workshops or public speaking ventures. Anything remotely related to influencing people will give your consulting resume an interpersonal boost.

5. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Show your leadership involvement in a club you founded back in college, or maybe an app you helped develop. It may even be a fundraiser from years ago you organized and launched. Whichever way you spin it, portraying a certain go-getter “je ne sais quoi” is the cherry on the top of standout consulting resumes.

This attitude is keenly attractive to top firms. It shows you contain a drive and initiative that goes above and beyond, that puts in the time and work to execute flawless deliverables — all music to management consultants ears.

Consultant Resume Format

Let’s be clear: What goes on your resume is always more important than how that resume looks. That’s part of what the resume review checks for.

You can have the world’s most aesthetically pleasing, crisp, curated resume, complete with designer color schemes, eye-catching fonts and a perfectly tailored layout. If you don’t have the education, experience, leadership and proof of skills, though, you can kiss a next-step interview call goodbye.

Resumes for consultants have a few formatting distinctions. These revolve around the industry’s succinct expectations — not playing it cute and ultra-creative. The basics to bear in mind for consultant resume formatting are as follows.

1. Resume Font

A resume’s font should be simple and skim-able. While you certainly don’t have to stick with boring classics — looking at you, Times New Roman — keep formal readability top of mind.from Harvard Business School or Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management to showcase your exceptional education.